Relocation Pack Email Marketing Strategy

How to stand out from the competition is a real challenge for Real Estate Agents. Consider someone new to the area, how do they judge who to approach, who to trust with what could be the biggest purchase of their life – their new home!

This innovative strategy targets people moving into your area and helps you to “stand-out” and be their agent of choice….

Identify who is your customer.

As an independent real estate agent you have steadily been gaining popularity amongst individual home buyers within your drive market area. This has largely been the outcome of positive word of mouth and references from friends and family. To take your business one notch higher, you would now like to cater to every new potential resident to your community area through aggressive, targeted marketing.

Hence your target customer profile would include those who are relocating to your area for a new job as well people who are moving post retirement. Naturally both groups have very different needs and you would need to address these accordingly.

What is the best thing you can do for that customer?

Irrespective of the reason behind the relocation, all of us feel an apprehension when it comes to uprooting our entire existence and moving out of the comfort zone we have learnt to call home. As a real estate agent, the best thing you can do for your client is as far as possible, reduce their perceived anxiety about moving into an unknown area and making such a major purchase.

How are you going to do it?

You are going to become the local expert on real estate and related matters within your area.

Create a “Property Plus Newcomers Pack” for people who are new to the area or people considering moving to your area. In addition to real estate and housing topics, the package could include information on the job scene, social life, schools, entertainment, dining out, administration and infrastructure within the community. In short it should serve as a comprehensive guide for prospective residents to get a feel of the community they might soon be living in.

Make the Property Plus package available on your website, front-desk, and office window and ensure it is sent with every enquiry from sources such as, press advertising etc.

Create a database of all your past, present and potential customers (Property Plus) and mail them monthly newsletters featuring community news, developments and important information. Also advertise all upcoming open houses with a photo feature and maintain a regular column on “how to buy the perfect home”.

Don’t forget to say Thank You

Everyone who registers online for information on your website or attends an open house gets a thank you email. Include a link to a survey where every submitted entry is given a voucher for a free coffee and cake at the local bakery.

Suggested Survey questions:

What do they prioritize when buying a new home – price, safety, neighborhood, facilities?

What type of home are they looking for – studio, 2-bed, 3-bed etc?
When are they considering moving?

Where did they hear about you?

What made you choose XYZ real estate agency?

Did we live up to your expectations?

What else could we do for you?

Emails of friends and employees moving into town in the near future that they think would benefit from our services.

Send a thank you email with a couple of days to all customers who have purchased from you. Again ask them a few questions. A nice touch is a delivery of a bowl of fruit, flowers or champagne – a “Welcome to the Neighborhood” gift delivered directly to their home when they move in.

For every purchaser, make a note of the settlement date so that you can send out a congratulatory greeting on the anniversary of their purchase and hence maintain ties.

When to communicate with Property Plus members?

Monthly newsletters as before on the anniversary of their home purchase. This will help you remain their top of mind realtor and may get you additional business in the form of references and word of mouth.

How do you measure success?

Conduct 6 monthly surveys of all Property Plus members to judge their level of satisfaction with your service and to gauge their next real estate purchase or sale. Incentivize survey completion with a voucher for coffee and cake at the local deli.

To check for bottom line performance, compare listings and sales growth across like periods over past years.

Become the “Expert”

Continue to refine the content of your newsletter based on the feedback collected through the surveys. Also try to incorporate guest columns from local experts on matters such as the job market, schooling, work from home opportunities, etc as these topics are bound to evoke popular interest.

Tips For Moving With Kids: A Parents Guide

Many experts consider moving or relocating to be one of the most stressful times of a person’s life. Leaving behind familiar activities, places, and friends can create anxiety for the entire family, kids included. Moving can be both physically and emotionally stressful. Parents must try to juggle work, packing, and parenting with the emotional drainage of starting all over and trying to blend into a new community. These simple tips will help ease the stress of moving with children.

Break the News Delicately but Quickly

Don’t wait or hesitate to tell the kids about the move, kids need time to get used to the idea. Let it sink in for awhile, it may take quite a bit of time to get the kids excited about relocating to a new place. Look at new homes together and browse local area parks and attractions online to help them get excited about their new neighborhood.

Allow every member of the family to participate in the move

Make checklists and allow children to pack their own things. Older children can help load the car or moving as well. Assure your children that their contributions to the move are greatly appreciated.

Create a blueprint for their new space

Create a plan for their room such as where to place furniture, what colors to paint their walls, and how they will rearrange their new room. Give each child a task to complete to speed the process along. This can include donating or selling unused toys or out-grown clothing, and sorting items in their room and storing them in boxes.

Pack a moving day busy box

Have your child make a special bag or box of moving-day essentials. This kit should include their favorite items, as well as books and games to keep them busy on the road. Be sure to make the entire moving process fun and up-beat to keep the children enthused about this new stage in their life.

After Moving Day

After moving in your new home, you may be in a frenzy of emotions. Although you may not be completely finished moving, it’s okay to take a slight break to enjoy family time and help each person make the transition into their new home. Be prepared to re-introduce house rules and deal with sudden mood changes in cranky or tired children. Make the post-relocation a good experience by helping the kids unpack, set up their new rooms and explore the backyard and neighborhood. Create a family welcoming event for your new home, such as planting a family tree or gathering for a family photograph to make the move a special event.

Moving can be a life-changing experience for many families, especially children who have had a consistent routine prior to the relocation. Be sure to stay in touch with old friends and family and plan up-coming activities with new friends in the neighborhood. With the right planning, a family move can be a great experience for everyone involved.

House Removalists – Things To Consider When Hiring A Removalist

When relocating or you are moving to a new house, most people always prefer moving their belongings themselves whether they’re moving to a new city, town or country. They believe that they will have things done right if they do them. However, getting experienced House removals Brisbane to do the moving of your goods can be a right thing to do. You need to get a good company that will help you save time and also have your belongings delivered on time and safely.

Always do some researches before you decide to hire a firm to do the work and put the following things into consideration. You will then get the best removal company.

A respectable firm will give you boxes of different sizes so as to carry your items as well as proper packaging materials that you will use to have your fragile belongings protected. Although it will come with an added cost, some firms always refund some cash in case you return the gently used boxes.

A good company is also one that helps you have your packed belongings arranged in a way that makes it easier to be unloaded and arranged in your new home. The firm helps you have the kitchen items put together and also those for the living room together for easier offloading. I this way, you end up reducing the chaos associated with relocation.

Every removal firm has different charges that vary from one client to another due to various factors. Companies consider things like the bulk of the furniture, the number of boxes used, and the distance traveled. Other factors include the labor needed to get calculated hourly, the vehicle size used for transporting them to others. It’s, therefore, good to calculate the total cost including all these and see whether the cost is still the same as the one they initially indicated. With most House removals Brisbane, you will get their quote form online which you are required to fill when you contact them. Some will even send their representative who will gauge your items to have a picture of how many things you are moving.

Choose a firm that will offer you an insurance cover when moving your belongings. The items will get protected in the event of a collision or any loss or damage during transit. Avoid any company that offers no insurance as it shows that they don’t care for the safety of your items, and neither are they reliable to deliver your valuable assets. You also need to know whether you will get fully covered for those firms offering insurance protection.

It’s always advisable to plan to move your items in the middle of the week so as to save money. During this time, most removal companies charge less compared to the weekend when most people are free to move to their new locations. Always make a reservation of your discharge date early in advance whenever possible so as to prevent delays from the workers and also the arrival of trucks.

Relocating can be a challenging experience but hiring a professional firm to do the work gives you the guarantee of having your belongings arrive safe and well organized. For the things that you hold dearly to your heart, it’s always good you transport them yourself.

The Big Move – Why Use A Relocation Service

In relocating into a new house or office, you are aware of the chaos it may bring to your life. With all the clutter in your house, the planning and preparation of the relocation, choosing the right house, and what to do before and after relocating, who could accomplish these things with just two hands?

The job of a relocation service is to simplify things in moving into a new location. It is their duty to make sure that every little detail you should know about your new house, and all information will be dealt with.

Before anything else, make sure that the relocation service provides you with a relocation policy. These are the guidelines that would provide you with an explanation on the benefits that will be included.

The relocation service’s duty is to assist in home marketing. One of the most vital details of the process of relocation is selling your present home. With an in depth analysis, the relocation service would provide your house’s fair market value. The relocation service will make strategic market plans on how and where to sell your current home. They will be the ones to search for real estate agents and deal with legal matters for you. It is the relocation service’s duty to provide you with the exact or more of your previous house’s value.

Make sure that the relocation service would ask you all important factors you would prefer. Your finances would be considered in choosing the environment and your ideal house.

Before the relocation service could look for a house, you should be able to tell them your asking price. This refers to the price of the house your finances could reach. Next, tell them the neighborhood you would want. Whether it should be near your house, school, shopping malls, banks, park or churches and the public transportation is convenient. Tell them to check the security of the neighborhood.

Last, you should tell them what kind of house you would want to have. It could be brand new or second hand. If second hand, consider the age of the house, the materials used in the house. Make sure to remind your relocation service of the condition of the foundation, your preferences on the exterior and interior, estimated electric and water billing, and the level of electrical and water supply. Whether your dream house is brand new or second hand, you should tell the relocation service specific information on the number of stories, how many bedrooms, bathrooms and closets you want, if you prefer to have carpeting, a fireplace, a backyard, attic, landscaping and any minor details you would wish to purchase.

Another benefit a relocation service could give you is mortgage assistance. They will provide you with the top mortgage companies in your city for financial assistance. Most relocation services are recognized by mortgage companies which could give you a better chance of buying power if necessary.

Relocation services could also provide you with temporary housing. In other words, if they haven’t been able to find your ideal house, and your previous house is not yet sold on the market, this housing assistance could be a convenience to you and your family. These instant houses could be well-furnished depending on your needs with a low cost of rent.

In moving from your old house to your new one, the relocation service provides you with the trust that your personal property and appliances would be transferred properly. Throughout the whole process of moving, you will be informed on every detail the relocation service is doing. With a scheduled plan on transporting everything you asked for, they would provide you a fast settlement.

Not only does the relocation service provide you with utmost care of your property, they also assist you and your family within the first months of settlement into your new house. If needed, they could help you with your finances in fixing utilities and or money to cover the various operating expense of the relocation. Plus, they could help your family adjust into your new neighborhood. If anyone in your family needs a new job, or a baby-sitter for your child, the relocation service provides you with this information.

Having a new house is a lot of job. But with the help of a few more people, and a hundred of caring hands, you relocation would make your new life organized and comfortable.

Ways To Decide When To Move To A Retirement Home

If it’s time to make the decision about relocating to a retirement home, lots of elderly folk will rely on their loved ones for suggestions. However, most of the time, families are cautious to give assistance due to the concern about possibly exasperating their parent or grandparent. Others merely stay away from the matter of assisted living as they don’t wish to feel like they are overtaking the decision making for their elderly relative. Determining when it’s the ideal time to make the final choice to move is difficult for everyone, and even more so if you have no idea of what features to think about when making the choice. So that you can find out whether you are ready to make this change or go over it with family, take note of the following guidelines.

Weight reduction linked to aging is often worrying and potentially serious. If you are encountering loss of weight because you are unable to cook, don’t like cooking, or just because you don’t desire to eat on your own, you should consider moving. Plenty of retirement communities include a staff accountable for the preparation and serving of healthful meals for all the residents. At the allocated times, you are able to participate in a meal that is both flavorful and wholesome.

Depression is another frequent element that several elderly folk cope with, and the reason why relocating could be beneficial. The majority of older people are impacted by depression due to being alone. In spite of the attempts of family and friends to stay in touch, there are still periods of time when an older person is by themselves – sometimes for several days at a time. This isolation becomes rather demoralizing, as well as sad. Irrespective of the cause for the depression that you are going through, the determination to move into a retirement home is going to be advantageous. A lot of retirement communities have a variety of different pursuits you may consider engaging in to make new friends and to get to know new people. Having a lot to do and others to chat with can help take your mind off the fact that you may not see your loved ones for another week, or when they have time to drop by.

There are plenty of families who decide to move their elderly family member into a retirement home to minimize the probability of accidental injury or larceny. Security and safety go hand-in-hand and are a serious concern for plenty of people who have elderly family. Unfortunately, crooks will regularly seek out seniors to swindle them or commit other callous crimes. A retirement community may help to supply a safety net to keep older people guarded from these selfish people. This is valid if you’re wary of your own safety in the home with regards to health factors – a retirement community should be able to supply a better degree of support in matters like this. If you have problems moving from place to place or are anxious about navigating the stairs and hallways, you may find solace in the ease of a supervised home.

A few older people simply need assistance with fundamental daily tasks. The staff at a dependable retirement home are in a position to give this guidance while offering you other necessities. When you’re requiring supplemental help and your family is struggling to provide you with assistance on a regular basis, your choice to move may be one of the very best decisions you have made.

It will be less difficult to discover if the decision to move to a retirement home is right for you, now that you’ve uncovered some of the important elements to take into consideration. Make sure to take enough time to analyze every possibility available, so that you can make the most effective decision on a retirement home which will satisfy your wishes.

Professional Movers and Packers Play a Crucial Role in Home Moving

Did we hear that you have got a new job? We would like to express our gratitude to you for the same. So, you have come to a decision that you want to move your entire home from one destination to another. You must be aware of the fact that the task of residential relocation is really an annoying and tiresome one that can leave you shattered if you want to do it without help. There are various activities that have to be carried out without a scope of errors. Do you think you would be able to achieve the tasks of packing, loading, moving, unloading, unpacking and rearranging by yourself? We are sure that you have fragile goods and they require great care when it comes to packing them.

Even a minor mistake can damage your priceless goods and you just can’t afford to lose them for good. They hold a significant value in your life. You have to be extremely cautious while getting them packed. You should come into contact with a professional moving company that has been serving various needs of the individuals pertaining to home moving. The fact cannot be denied that professional movers and packers play a crucial role in home moving because they truly understand the technicalities that are involved in the process.

Residential relocation can really prove to be an utmost source of fatigue due to the fact that you would not be able to handle the task of home moving on your own. You need to come into contact with an experienced moving company that can analyze every small detail and comes up with the most favourable solution.

There are various benefits that are provided by a professional mover and packer. They are the following:

1) If you have a close encounter with any problem during the process of home moving, the mover packer would provide you the worthy and matchless services for relocation.

2) It always proves beneficial to hire the services of a professional moving company because it renders quick service, which is delivered to the customer. If you choose to carry out the required task all by yourself, you would waste a lot of time.

3) The quality provided by the moving company is not compromised as it implements the most up-to-date techniques to pack your goods. The workers emphasize on using a premium quality packing material in order to ensure the safety of goods while being transported from one location to a new one.

Aarav Sehrawat is an expert professional in the field of movers and packers and has extensive knowledge in the required field. He is working with Movers Packers in Pune [] that provides complete solutions to all kinds of services pertaining to car carriers and household shifting.

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How Moving Relocation Services Can Help Make Your Move Much Easier

Relocating is one of the most stressful experiences that a person may go through in their lifetime. This is because moving requires you to say farewell to things that are familiar and then adjust to a new life in your new neighborhood or country. Bidding your friends, co-workers and family goodbye is a sad event, and facing your new surroundings without the comfort of familiar things is daunting. In addition to the stress that comes with saying goodbye and adjusting, relocating to another place may also be expensive, especially if you are moving to another country.

However, there are certain moving relocation services that can help make your transition much easier. These specialized services offer more than just the transport of your belongings and instead provide you with the assistance that you need to get settled in your new home. For instance, if you are moving to a sovereign Arab state, you will need more than just a new home and a means to transfer your belongings.

Thankfully, there are companies that offer a complete set of services to help you get settled in. These services include city and intercultural orientation, search services for new homes and temporary accommodations, orientations about the locality’s educational offerings and even spousal services.

Among these, city and Intercultural orientations and seminars are probably the most important. This kind of service can help you not only navigate the streets of the country you are relocating to, but also the culture of the people living there. While some countries may be more tolerant towards other religions and western practices, it still helps to know what you can or cannot do to maintain respect for the country’s inhabitants. On the other hand, if you are moving to other countries that are less tolerant of western practices, having this kind of knowledge prior to moving may just save you from getting arrested and sent to jail.

For those who are taking their family along with them, it helps to have someone by your side to look for a new home for you. Specialized relocation services do just that, and their expert knowledge of the many homes and neighborhoods in the country you are moving to may just help you find a piece of property that suits your lifestyle, budget and other preferences.

Other important things to be considered by those whose families are coming along with them include the education of the children and pastimes for the spouses. The best relocation specialists can offer information about the schools in the area and enrolment requirements to qualify, making it much easier for the kids to get settled. For spouses, clubs and classes can be suggested so that they can find new friends and enjoy their time in their new surroundings.

Intouch Relations provides you the best relocation services if you plan to move anywhere in the Middle East.

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Enjoy Hassle-Free Home Moving With Professional Movers and Packers

Moving home is not an easy victory that can be achieved in the blink of an eye. It is a very disturbing and tiresome task that can’t be executed on one’s own. You have come to a decision to shift your home from one location to another. There are several goods that require packing in an appropriate manner because some of them are fragile. You would be at a complete loss of words because you can’t decide what to do and what not to do. You’re in a dilemma whether you should carry out the task of residential relocation by yourself or not. It is strongly recommended that you should think about getting the required task of moving home on your own. This is because of the reason that you don’t have the necessary knowledge about varied tasks that are involved like packing, loading, moving, unloading, unpacking and rearranging the goods.

When you think about home shifting, you’re hit by anxieties. There is so much to be looked after. This is where the role of a professional moving company comes into play. We can understand that moving to a new location brings a feeling of excitement to some people, but it also brings a feeling of homesickness to those who’re looking for a change in their lives. They take a haste decision to do the task of residential relocation without help and in due course, they end up breaking the goods. Goods hold a great value because they have been with the individuals for a long time. You don’t want to face such a situation in which your goods get damaged because of a slight mistake or negligence from your end.

It’s time to act wise and come into contact with a professional mover and packer that can give you a hassle-free home moving. It would have an expert team of knowledgeable workers who display honesty and consistency while getting the required task executed. They understand the value of the goods and as a result, pack them with a best quality packing material to pack the goods. A good mover would provide you reasonable and safe home moving services.

Prior to hiring the services of a moving company, you need to keep certain things in mind. They are the following:

1) You should make certain that you are briefed about the services you would be receiving. You should ask the workers if they can cleanse your new residence before they unpack your goods.

2) You should ensure if the workers are handling your goods with caution.

3) You can negotiate about the rates prior to hiring the services.

Aarav Sehrawat is an expert professional in the field of movers and packers and has extensive knowledge in the required field. He is working with Movers Packers in Gurgaon [] that provides complete solutions to all kinds of services pertaining to car carriers and household shifting.

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5 Tips to Help a Home Move Go Smoothly

Moving home can be a daunting task, particularly if you have a lot of furniture and belongings to relocate as well as yourself and your family. If you are buying a property, then you will have even more concerns about the move going smoothly, and on time. This article aims to give 5 tips to help you move home in a smooth way, ensuring you can get into your new property on time and with no complications.

1. Before you move in, get your new home electrics tested and rewired – domestic properties require professional electric require every 10-15 years, depending on the level of electrics in the house. It is important to ensure your home is electrically sound so that you can move in and carry on without any disruptions.

2. Get a survey conducted before you complete your purchase – a survey will ensure that your new home is structurally sound and is stable for you to purchase. If the property has any significant defects within the structure, then you may find it difficult to buy the property and also getting property insurances once you are completed.

3. Using a postal transfer service to keep all mail coming to you – its sometimes difficult to keep track of everyone that has your current address and sends you mail every month. Of course you don’t care about junk mail, but important letters cannot be lost so use a postal transfer service to ensure your mail all gets transferred to your new address and you continue to receive your bills.

4. Use a home moving company to help with the packing and transfer of your belongings – trying to move an entire property’s worth of contents yourself is a huge and daunting task. Take the stress out of the equation and let the professionals handle it for you. This will allow you to focus on other elements of your house move, such as the decorating and insurance policies.

5. If you are in a chain try and time your move so that it starts on a Thursday or Friday – by timing your move to start on a Friday, you are leaving yourself a 3 day period in which to get your belongings moved in, unpacked and set out as you need them. Focus on a room at a time and ensure you all work together as a team, using the advice of the moving team (if you have one) or look for an online guide which specialises in tips to do with moving swiftly and successfully.

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Moving Relocation – Levels of Personal Moving

There are so many reasons why people move from where they are currently living that it can be hard to keep track. One thing is for certain though. If people are dissatisfied with where they currently live, they won’t stay there for long. In these situations, they will likely insist on a moving relocation so that they can like where they live a lot better. This is a fairly regular practice, and people all over the world do moving relocations so that they can experience new areas and greener pastures.

One of the biggest reasons for people to have a moving relocation is because they no longer like the place that they live. For a lot of people, they move because their family is getting bigger. They can no longer fit their growing family in the two bedroom apartment that they had been living in. Because of this, they look for houses or town homes that can fit their expanding family. In this way, a moving relocation is almost required. If they don’t move, they will end up running out of space and having a terrible time in the place where they currently live.

Another reason why people like to move is that they don’t like the area that they live in. Some towns start out nice but get progressively more and more crime to the point that it is very unlivable. It can be very dangerous to live in towns like this. Because of this, it is wise to plan a moving relocation to go to a nicer neighborhood. Sometimes, though, it isn’t the neighborhood that someone dislikes, but the whole state. This usually happens with people who hate the weather where they currently live. For example, if you live in a northern state like Minnesota, you will be assaulted with high levels of snow and cold weather for many months out of the year. If this is unacceptable or too annoying for you, you may want to move to a warmer place. This is actually a very common reason for having a moving relocation.

Then there are people who end up disliking the entire country that they live in. They want to experience new cultures and foods and would like to live in a new country all together. This is definitely a possible option when you plan a moving relocation. You can plan a move to a new neighborhood, a new state, or even a new country. There is very little that can stop you from doing this. The biggest thing that stops people is fear.

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